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Salonifi is a salon appointment booking app. It empowers salon owners to grow their businesses through customer referrals and rewards customers with discounts.

During Salonifi’s rebranding process, I played a pivotal role by designing a new logo that encapsulates the brand’s essence through simplicity and modern aesthetics. Additionally, I revamped the booking UI to deliver a seamless and intuitive booking experience, improving on the previous flow.


Salonifi dark on light logo Salonifi light on dark logo

UI Starting Point

Salonifi already had an app, but wanted to redesign it to feel simpler and more high-end.

Salonifi original home page Salonifi original booking preview page Salonifi original thank you page

Booking Flow UI

With a focus on enhancing the user experience, I revamped the booking flow by restructuring it into a more intuitive order. Recognizing that most users prioritize selecting services over choosing specific beauticians, I adjusted the sequence accordingly. To optimize usability, I redesigned the booking flow with a neutral color palette, removing extraneous design elements such as dividers, borders, and icons. Additionally, I implemented a clear typographical hierarchy to improve readability and ensure a seamless booking experience.

Salonifi redesigned booking UI Salonifi booking UI Salonifi booking UI Salonifi booking UI Salonifi redesigned booking profile UI Salonifi redesigned booking details UI Salonifi redesigned booking confirmation UI

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